Ten tips for your Vermont Wedding.

Name | Scott Herdling Photography
Date | 03.13.15
Ten wedding day tips
Vermont wedding photographers | Scott & Penny

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  1. Order at least 25 extra wedding invitations than you think you’ll need. It’s better to have extras “just in case” and often times it’s less expensive to buy in bulk than to order just a few extra.
  2. Create a detailed timeline of your wedding day that includes when flowers are set to arrive, when people should arrive, when hair and makeup will get done, etc. Include exact times and locations. Share this timeline with everyone involved in your wedding, including your photographer.
  3. Have your cake and flowers arrive at the latest possible moment (but still budget in some buffer time). Flowers wilt and cakes can melt on hot days, so putting these deliveries off can ensure both look great for your pictures, ceremony and reception.
  4. Follow up with all your vendors a week before your wedding to make sure everything is in place and ready to go. Should anything be wrong (say, the florist only has you down for 4 bouquets instead of 5), this will provide plenty of time to fix the mistake.
  5. Practice walking in your wedding day shoes to make sure they’re comfortable enough to stand around in for your portraits and for the duration of your wedding. Pain is beauty, yes, but looking pained in a picture isn’t worth the discomfort
  6. Whether you’re doing your makeup yourself or having a makeup artist come in, do a trial run. This is especially important if you have sensitive skin, as an allergic reaction on your wedding day would not be good.
  7. Pack a “wedding day emergency” kit and bring it along with you on your big day. Essentials include some clear nail polish for snags, pain reliever for headaches, any makeup you need for touching up and a travel sewing kit. Band-Aids, lozenges, and tissues are also good.
  8. Have food on hand while you get ready.  Don’t the mistake of barely eating on your wedding day and ending up with a headache. Having healthy snacks and lots of water on hand will make for a better day.
  9. Have a “spot checker” on hand who’s there to help you out with things like tangled trains, smeared lipstick or out-of-place hair. This can be someone in your bridal party or the mother of the bride, for example.
  10. Expect the unexpected. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and that’s OK. In the long term, it’s your outlook and attitude that makes for a brilliant, successful day.



Name | Seth & Stephanie
Date | 10.12.13
Wedding | The Mountain Meadows Lodge
Vermont wedding photographers | Scott & Penny

Vermont Wedding Photography

As the leaves were almost gone and fall foliage season coming to an end we had one thing on our minds, Wedding Photos.  On Saturday, October 12th Stephanie and Seth were to be joined in Marriage.  We had the pleasure of doing their engagement session a little while back and were thrilled to be capturing their special day.

With the sun shining and a cool breeze in the air we made our way up the mountain from Rutland, VT to The Mountain Meadows Lodge in Killington where the wedding was to take place.  We were thrilled when meeting with the couple that they had chosen Mountain Meadows as it holds a special place to us.  A few years ago we had the privilege of capturing some of our good friend’s wedding there, and our daughter Kate is getting married there next May.  Bill and his family run a great lodge and we highly recommend them and they are super nice!

Upon arrival we preceded to head up to Stephanie’s bridal suite were she was getting ready.  Just upstairs from her the men were getting ready as well.  We captured some of the details and candid photographs of Stephanie and her bridesmaids preparing.  While commenting on how beautiful her veil was, Stephanie mentioned that she had made the veil and most of the decorations.  When Stephanie was dressed she asked that her parents and grandmother come into the bridal suite.  She took the time to carefully pin corsages on each of these special people, followed by her Grandmother placing a locket around her neck which was in honor of her Grandparents 60 years of marriage and featured pictures of them from that day.  As we headed out to check out the ceremony site and reception room we found more of Stephanie’s handy work including a hand painted tree for all her guest to leaf their print and names as a remembrance of their family and friends who shared in their special day.

The ceremony site overlooked the picturesque Kent Pond filled with the Fall Foliage in the back ground.  With pumpkins lining the center aisle and all the white chairs in their place the men headed out to greet their guest as they arrived.

As the ceremony began and the music started playing the processional made its way down the aisle.  One of the highlights of course is always the children all dressed to impress.   As Stephanie and her Father made their way over the knoll, everyone stood and watched as she made her way to Seth to become Mrs. LaFountain.  When reaching Seth at the alter the pastor began the ceremony, Stephanie’s Father gave her hand to Seth.  As the ceremony continued Seth was handed his guitar and played Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton for Stephanie, followed by a sand ceremony and the exchanging of the rings.

They soon were pronounced  husband and wife, the happy couple shared their first kiss as a newly married couple and proceeded to walk back up the aisle and the guests threw confetti (again made by Stephanie) in celebration.

After the ceremony the happy couple and all their friends and family were greeted with a champagne toast.  We took the opportunity to have the guests form a heart around Stephanie and Seth to symbolize their love for them.

Next up was family photos that were requested by Stephanie and her guests, followed by photos of the bridal party.  Some serious and some fun, as they were up for anything.

When all the group photos were finished we were left alone with Stephanie and Seth and proceeded to capture those photographs that couple’s cherish for a lifetime.  It was then time to move on and get the party started.

With everyone waiting inside the lodge Stephanie and Seth made their entrance as husband and wife and proceeded into their first dance which was followed by Stephanie and her Father’s dance. This Father/Daughter dance was the most emotional we have witnessed so far as photographers.  You can truly see how much Stephanie is loved.

After the first dances the reception started and the guest were invited into the dining hall.  Scattered out on all the tables were cards that the guest could fill in the blanks and have the couple read the next morning and for a good laugh.  As dinner was served and a speech was made it was time for us to take a quick break.

Not long after we were back in the dining hall for the cutting of the cake. We always love this part!

We had just had a bite to eat so Scott didn’t have a piece of cake or two like he usually does.  We grabbed the couple’s rings and bouquet for some detail shots.  For one of the ring shots we used their cake topper (thanks for the suggestion Stephanie).

After cake the band that Seth plays in started cranking out the tunes and everyone was getting into the grove. One person of note was one of their family friend who was an older gentleman, but could he cut up a rug!

As the party went on the festivities were broken up with a bouquet and garter toss for all the single guests. Then it was back to dancing with everyone and having a great time.

As the night was winding down Stephanie and Seth had all their guests sign Chinese lanterns to send off with their  well wishes for the couple.

We have a wish of our own for them as well.  We wish for you to have a happy and long marriage (at least 60 years like your Grandparents) which is filled with love and joy.

Congratulations to you both, and thank you for having us along for this part of your journey in life.

Scott & Penny

Ruby Steens - October 24, 2013 - 12:35 pm

Beautiful pictures you captured what steph and seth will enjoy for years to come

Stephanie Mae LaFountain - October 25, 2013 - 3:12 pm

Scott and Penny you guys are THE best! Everyone keeps telling us how great our photos are and how good you both are. We of couse already knew that 😉 Thanks again.


Name | Steve & Carrie
Date | 09.14.13
Wedding | The Wallingford Lodge
Vermont Wedding PhotographyVermont wedding photographers | Scott & Penny

Headed into the middle of wedding season we were fortunate enough to have captured Carrie and Steve’s wedding day. On Saturday, August 14th we woke up with a bit of a different feeling then most days when we have a wedding to photograph. The majority of the weddings we have photographed this wedding season have been over an hour way so we are up bright and early and getting all our gear together and heading out on a long drive to capture that days wedding. On this day Carrie and Steve’s wedding was only 20 minutes away, giving us time to relax for a bit in the morning.

Our first stop was at Carrie’s Aunt’s house where Carrie and her attendants were getting ready so we could get some photos of them before we headed to the ceremony sight.  As we walked up the driveway Scott noticed a really sweet Nova sitting in the garage and just had to take a peek. Though Penny could appreciate the beauty of the Nova, she was quick to remind Scott that we are there to photograph a wedding and not check out cars. Soon enough the girls gathered outside and we took some photographs before heading off to the location of the wedding.

The ceremony and reception took place at the Wallingford Lodge, also known as the boy’s camp.  The lodge is nestled along Elfin Lake and is surrounded by trees and beautiful scenery.  When we arrived we went inside and photographed some of the details of the reception while we waited for the bride to arrive.

As the clock struck 3:00 Carrie and her Father made that special walk down the aisle where Steve was waiting.  The ceremony was short and sweet and before you knew it the happy couple was joined in marriage.  After the ceremony the wedding party formed a receiving line to thank each guest for attending this special day.

With the guest socializing and enjoying hors d’oeuvres in the lodge we began photographing the bridal party and family members as requested.

While looking around Scott noticed the benches on the hill leading down to the lake and that they were tiered perfectly for a wedding party photo.

After the formals with the bridal party were finished we spent some time with Carrie and Steve strolling about the grounds, talking and capturing some special moments.

It was then time for the introduction of the wedding party, followed by the entrance of the newly married Mr. & Mrs. Waterman who went right into their first dance.  This was followed by Carrie and her Father’s dance and Steve dance with his Mother.  The celebration continued with recognition of Carrie’s parents as it was their 30th Anniversary.  As they were dancing the rest of the guests were called to the dance floor to celebrate two families becoming one.

As the reception went on and food was served it was time for Carrie’s Matron of Honor and Steve’s Best Man to make their special toasts to the couple.  Steve’s Best Man spoke about how Steve was the first to leave their group and move to Vermont.  He continued to talk about how happy Steve was to find such a special woman, especially since she is as into the outdoors as he is. Carrie’s Matron of Honor spoke lovingly of Carrie, about how they met in college and explained that Carrie is the best friend anyone could have. No matter distance or time Carrie is always there.  Then Carrie’s Father took the microphone and gave a heartfelt speech about his daughter.  He asked Carrie to join him as he has a special gift to give her, something she had been wanting for a very long time.  Carried opened the gift and revealed a plastic hammer, her Father said it was to be used to start building her life with Steve.

As the reception went on there was the traditional bouquet and garter toss, the cake cutting, a lot of dancing and celebrating the newly married couple.


As the sun went down and the glow sticks came out it was time for us to take our leave.  We want to offer our heartfelt congratulations to Carrie and Steve on the marriage with them nothing but happiness for their future.

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Carolyn Walker - September 23, 2013 - 11:38 pm

Awesome photos of a very happy bride and groom

Judy O'Rourke Keith - September 24, 2013 - 12:26 am

Great job on the pictures, enjoyed them!

Patty Nichols Hetzel - September 24, 2013 - 1:16 am

Beautiful pictures

Wendy Coons Bizzarro - September 24, 2013 - 2:47 am

Pictures are beautiful! You captured the feeling of the day perfectly! Couldn’t be happier with them.

Donna C. Reay - September 25, 2013 - 1:52 pm

Great photos-looks like everyone had a good time.

Terri Canty Clyne - September 26, 2013 - 12:29 pm

These pictures are amazing, brought tears to my eyes. Such a wonderful day, I’m glad everything worked out for you all! Congratulations!


Name | Duncan & Elaine
Date | 08.17.13
Wedding | The Lodge at Millstone Hill
Vermont wedding photographers | Scott & Penny

Vermont Wedding Photography

Back in December we received a wedding inquiry from Elaine and Duncan who lived in Ireland.  Our first thought was let’s go to Ireland for a destination wedding, but Elaine was born in Vermont and our state holds a special place in her heart.  Elaine and Duncan were coming to the states to get married on August 17, 2013 with the wedding taking place at The Lodge at Millstone Hill in Websterville, VT.  We can only imagine how hard it was for Elaine and Duncan to plan a wedding from Ireland.  After several emails and a phone consultation we had a pretty good idea of how the day was going to go.

Fast forward to the wedding day.  We arrived at the Millstone a little bit before 2 pm with the ceremony to start at 3 pm.  With guest roaming about and looking at all the Polaroids of Elaine and Duncan’s adventures we started capturing the details of the reception tent.

As 3 o’clock was approaching we headed down to the ceremony site where Duncan was waiting for Elaine to walk down the aisle. From around the corner Elaine appeared with her father to make the walk to her future husband.  With family and friends watching on, the violinist began to play Bon Jovi’s Living On A Prayer.   This certainly isn’t the typical song to be played as the bride walks down the aisle, but years back after attending an annual wine tasting for charity in Indianapolis, Elaine & Duncan went to a dueling piano bar called Howl at the Moon.  One of the numbers they played was Living on a Prayer, Duncan suggested it would be a good song for the first dance at their wedding and Elaine had agreed, she later back pedaled because she realized it wasn’t a song you can dance to.  As a surprise for Duncan she asked the violinist to learn to play it as she walked down the aisle.  Unfortunately Duncan didn’t catch on.   As the ceremony moved on and the vows were exchanged there were smiles and happy tears all around.   Elaine and Duncan were united in marriage.

After the ceremony the wedding party and guests moved up to the reception area for champagne and canapés.  After many hugs and well wishes we set up for the family photos.  With family and friends from all over the US and other countries in attendance we had quite the shot list to get through.   With the wedding party photos out of the way, Duncan’s best man Neil (who he has been friends with since they were 6 yrs. old) grabbed our shot list from Penny and proceeded to gather the guests and family for the rest of the photos.  We were told that in England it is customary for the Best Man to take the lead in gathering everyone together for photos (thanks Neil).

With the family photos finished we joined Elaine and Duncan as they strolled around the grounds reflecting on their special day.  During this time we chatted with them as we were interested in how they met and what led them to this day.  Elaine and Duncan had met in Indianapolis and found that they both were away from their homes and family.  As their courtship carried on over the years there were periods of time where they themselves have lived far apart for each other.  While they were apart they would talk on the phone at the end of day to help each other to unwind.  Through these periods of time the topics would vary, at one particular point Duncan was following the stock market pretty closely and during these phone calls would tell Elaine about what was going on in the stock market which would make her lull off to sleep.  These calls and story’s continued when they were together, after Duncan stopped following the stock market so closely Elaine would ask him to tell her a story in the evening before bed.  To this day Elaine requests stories in the evening and Duncan would rather not have to try to think of things to talk about when he’s so tired.  We also learned another tidbit of information, the town in England where Duncan is from (Gravesend, Kent)  is actually were Pocahontas is buried.  As we continued to take photographs of Elaine and Duncan we noticed that the details in Elaine’s dress almost matched Duncan’s tie.  As it turns out there is a story behind this as well.  Ignoring Elaine’s pleas, Duncan didn’t start shopping for his suit until June of this year.  The couple made several trips to Cork City, Ireland and England to try and find a beige suit for the wedding.  They found with the formality of suits in England and Ireland they could only find black, grey and navy suits.  The search for a beige suit brought them to the US to Perry Ellis calling and begging sale items from multiple states to be sent to Elaine’s parents’ home and the beige suit arrived in the nick of time.

One of Elaine’s requests was to have photos taken on the dirt road the venue was on as she had grown up on that road and used to walk up and down the road as a child.

As we were finishing up we saw the Ben & Jerry’s truck pull in (more on that later) which meant it was time for the reception to get started.

While dinner was being served we snuck away with Elaine’s beautiful bouquet.  Elaine had told us she wasn’t planning on having flowers, but her maid of honor Erin surprised her with bouquets and boutonnieres.

  After dinner was complete it was time for dessert (Scott’s favorite time).  This dessert was not the usual tiered cake but instead Elaine and Duncan chose a sundae bar from Ben & Jerry’s.

After everyone had their fill of ice-cream Erin and Neil had some words to say to the happy couple as well as some special wishes from family and friends that couldn’t be there for their special day.  After their speeches Duncan thanked everyone for coming to celebrate with them and asked everyone to join them on the dance floor for the party to begin.

The night wound down for us just after sunset and we truly had a blast capturing Elaine and Duncan’s special day.  We wish you two much happiness in the future.

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Name | Greg & Michelle
Date | 06.29.13
Wedding | Northfield Falls,VT
Vermont wedding photographers | Scott & Penny

Vermont Wedding Photography

Saturday, June 29 was a special day not only because our streak of 5 straight weddings being rained on finally ended, but because it was the day that Michelle and Greg were tying the knot literally (more on that later). Our day started out early morning heading north toward Northfield Falls. As we arrived in Town and turned onto Cox Brook Rd it was like looking at a post card as we headed up the road we went over not one, not two, but three covered bridges.

We continued further up the road and nestled along the Cox Brook we saw Greg’s Mother’s house where the ceremony and reception was taking place. Once we parked we took a look around to see how things were laid out and quickly came up with a game plan. We entered into the reception tent and got some detail shots and waited for the bridal party to arrive. A short time later they arrived along with the officiant (who looked very familiar) as it turns out he was the officiant at one of our best friend’s wedding a few years back.

As Michelle and her father walked down the aisle and the ceremony began we were greeted with sunny skies! The ceremony included the exchanging of vows and rings, but what made this ceremony special were they actually tied a knot. Michelle and Greg are both avid hikers and met while hiking the trails. One day as they were hiking in the Long trail Greg asked Michelle to marry him, she said yes! Back to the ceremony and the tying of the knot, Greg and Michelle had a piece of rope commonly used in hiking and noted for its strength and longevity.

While the knot was being tied by the happy couple we couldn’t help but notice a heart being shaped from the rope. When the ceremony was finished and the bride and groom walked down the aisle you could see the love in their eyes as their family and friends looked on.

After the officiant had them sign the marriage license we gathered the bridal party and the family to begin with the formals.  We headed down the hill and found some shade next to the brook and got set up.Once we were finished with the group shots, we snapped off a few shots of Michelle and Greg before they headed up to meet their guest. While they enjoyed the BBQ we took the time to get some photos of the knot and Michelle’s bouquet.  We finished our day with some candid shots of the guests and went on our way.

We want to wish Michelle and Greg a very happy life together and hope you had fun on your honeymoon hiking  another leg of the Long Trail.





Racha Thurston - July 12, 2013 - 9:15 pm

The page is wonderful! And she was beautiful!!! What a good day all around!

Michelle Knowlton - July 13, 2013 - 12:41 am

Beautiful pictures. I can’t wait to see the rest.

Erin Oliver Graham - July 13, 2013 - 1:30 am

You look amazing!

Patricia Beauregard - July 13, 2013 - 12:41 pm

je suis contente pour toi, toutes mes féliitations. Vous êtes très beaux sur les photos. Hope you won’t lose your French :)

Lise Labreche - July 13, 2013 - 6:47 pm

What a beautiful day you had for yours and Gregs special day! So very glad for you both! Beautiful shots, thank you so much for sharing!

Greggory Perry - July 15, 2013 - 2:48 pm

great pictures

Cassidy McBride - July 16, 2013 - 12:45 am

I’m very happy for you Greg. Y’all are very cute together!